Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nail design & looking for blogs to follow!

Last wednesday I wanted to do something fun and cozy since I am starting exams very soon! I decided to try out these awesome nailpolishes that my friend got my for my 18th birthday. She gave me one white and one black, these nailpolishes have extra thin brushes so it is easy  to make design's with them! 

I found a design on Instagram that I liked and decided to give it a try! I really loved this design because of how many colors are used in it. You can totally choose whatever colors you want, I just used whatever I could find that matched together.
First try!
I did the purple first, then pink. Next I did the black designes, I really recomend you do them before the white and the boarders (around the pink) because than you don't have to have the ends perfect!
Then at last I did the boarders and the cute little dot's.

Did you try? What colors would you use for this design?
I am also looking for some awesome blogs to follow so feel free to leave you're link in the comment section!




  2. These are so cool, I love the pattern! I would try them but i don't think mine would come out as gorgeous as yours! What were the names of the nail varnishes you used?

    Alex-Rose xxx

    1. Thanks for your comments!

      I think you should try! This design doesn't have to be perfect (mine is definetely not!) That is what is so great about it :)

      The pink one is some bright pink strawberry scented nailpolish from Delia's, the black&white are from Nail Art Colors (number 1&2).
      I can't see the name of the purple one but I got it from a beach store in spain! :)

  3. I really like your nails, kind of Aztec design! And the tip about what order to do the colours in is good :-)
    I also really like Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter. Have a look at the Londoner, I linked her in my inspiring bloggers post, shes kind of similar to those and really good!
    Good luck with your blog
    Rachel xx

  4. I really love those nails, I posted a post the other day about nail art, if you're interested! I find it so difficult to make the designs neat, when I try it just looks like a failed mess! ; )

    1. Mine were not at all perfect either but I think it is okay that it is a little bit messy with this design! :) Just keep trying!
      Checking your blog out right after I type this!


  5. Love this! They look so cool! x

  6. Such cute nails!

  7. i need to try this out - it looks amazing!


    1. Tweet me a pic if you do! :) I would love to see your results!

  8. this is amazing1 i love aztec and geo patterns!