Monday, May 27, 2013


One of my best friends was graduating so another good friend of mine and I wanted to give her something rememorable and great as a graduation present. After thinking about it for a little while we decided to make a photoalbum for her.
I really enjoyed making the album and I think it turned out great! 

What we used:
1. Plain black book with black pages (originally a sketch book).
2. Silver pen.
3. Our favorite photos of our favorite memories.
4. Quotes that we like, that describe us, friendship or what was happening on the photos.
5. All kinds of fun stuff to decorate with.

We printed the ballerina out and glued on to the bookcover.
Our book was both horizontal and vertical
The pages can be decorated many different ways!
One of my favorites!
We left a few blank pages for our friend to fill in future memories

A photoalbum like this can really be a gift for every occasion you can think of!
Graduation, birthdays, even just for your self!

Have you ever done a photoalbum your self? Or gotten one maybe?

Until next time!
 xxx, -B


  1. that is so cute! i will be doing that and giving it to my best friend as we have both finished school, that is so thoughtful!

    1. I bet she will like it :) ... and congrats on finishing school!

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