Monday, July 29, 2013

Q&A - Answers!

Hey yoooouuu :) 

In my second last (is that a thing??) post I asked you guys to ask me some questions for a Q&A, well, that didn't go too well but I got some questions from the lovely Miss Bows that I am going to answer! 

So here we go!

Why did you start blogging? 
I had wanted to make a blog for such a long time but never took the time and actually made one, then I started reading Zoella and Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter. After reading their blogs for a short period of time there was no turning back and I made my own blog!! And I am glad I did! :)

Who is your style inspiration?
I don't have one specific style inspiration, my style is rather simple and I just get whatever I like in the store - Hah! But of course I notice some people that I could call my style inspirations. One of them would be Taylor Swift, I love all her girly floraly dresses but she can also be a little edgy from time to time! I also love how Ginnifer Goodwin's character Snow White/Mary-Margaret dresses in Once Upon a Time. Such a cute style :-)

If you could be a huge bird or a tiny dinosaur wich would you be and why?
This is a hard one! When I first "scanned" through this comment I read "tiny bird or a huge dinosaur" wich would be much simpler! But I think I would be a tiny dinosaur that could fly, to be specific, a Pterosaur. Why you ask?  A tiny Pterosaur would be just like a little tiny bird, and who wouldn't love flying all around AND being a dinosaur?? 

What is your favorite Beauty Product all year around?
I am not a typical "make-up" girl... I don't own a lot of it and the things I use are mostly my mascara, my concealer and my perfume! So I guess I would say these things :) I also love colorful nailpolish all year around! And since I recently stopped biting my nails A YEAR AGO (!!) I am loving painting my nails every chance I get :p

These are all the questions that I got this time. Feel free to ask me whatever you would want to know! I would really like let you get to know me a little bit better with a Q&A once in a while :)

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  3. Great answers, i also love doing my nails!
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  5. Every blogger must have a Q&A like this! Great to know a little more about you dear. :)
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  8. I also started my blog thanks to Zoe and Louise!

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    1. I think they have inspired a lot of people to start blogging! such awesome girls!

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