Thursday, August 22, 2013


I saw this tag on Luxe Life Aspirations and immedietly decided to do it my self.
I am a little late with this tag, since summer is almost over but who cares!
 I love summer, no matter what season it really is :D

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1. Favourite bronzer for Summer?
I have to say pass on this one since I don't really use bronzers, lol.  
I really don't use a lot of make up, especially not in the summertime!

2. Favourite Summer drink?

I love frappochinos with caramel! But the drink that I have been drinking the most of this summer is probably just thee good old coca cola! I also love non alcaholic Mojitos! yum

3. Favourite Summer lip product?

I have been loving Labello Sun Protect. I never use lipstick but I love lip balms, especially when my lips decide to become the Zahara desert!! This lipbalm also has a SPF 30 so my lips won't get sunburnt!

4. Pool or Beach?

Since there are no beaches where I live I must say the beach! I love laying in the sand or simply just sitting and reading. I do like swimming in pools better because i don't really like the salt, especially not when it gets in my eyes and my nose!

5. What's your must-have styling product for summer?

Bed Head After Party! I love it, it gives the hair moisture and it makes it really soft.
The smell of it is also DELICIOUS!

6. Sun bathing or fake-tan?

Sun bathing. I often find fake-tan too fake.

7. Favourite Summer nail polish?

I like many bright colors in the summer! I really like the little nailpolishes from Depend. They have a big range of colors and they are not too expensive! My favorite this summer has to be a peachy pink color from Depend!

8. Any Summer traditions?

Enjoy the summer as much as I can with friends and family! Go camping, maybe go abroad and have as much fun as possible!

9. Favourite Summer scent?

If we are talking about perfume, I love La vida est belle by Lancomé!! yum
But in other summer scents; just the smell of fresh air and all the flowers!

10. Favourite BBQ food?

Grilled lamb. With all the side dishes! mmmm

11. What is your Summer proof product?

*akward silence* What are we talking about?

12.  Any Summer vacation plans this year?

Yes! I went to Sweden to visit my cousin and I had a great time! It was relly fun :) I also went camping and had lost of fun with friends/family!

These are all the questions in the tag! Hope you like'd it :D
Please let me know if there are any tags that you would like to see on my blog!

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  1. Lovely tag :) think these are so great!! I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, check my latest blog for more information :) xx

    1. Thanks for nominating me :) I have already done a Liebster Tag as you can see here:

      But who knows, maybe i'll do another one :D

  2. Lovely TAG and I'm glad I came accross your blog as looking at your first post we both have something in common as we both read Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter :) I'd appreciate the follow back :)

  3. I also really love peachy pink/coral colours for the summer!