Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Heeeey! Who hasn't played a simple game of "Would You Rather"?
I certainly have and I thought it would be super fun to do one here!

Let the game begin! Would you rather: 

Be a cat or a dog?
Definitely a cat, they are more independent and can pretty much do whatever they want to :P

Constantly stumble when walking or constantly studder when speaking?
Stumble when walking, I think you would probably have more "problems" if you studdered while working and such things. (I must add: I have absolutely nothing against people who studder!)

Start every sentence with "if" or start every sentence with "but"?
I would rather start every sentence with "if" but I think that it seems more intelligent, lol. 

Be a wizard or be a vampire?
A WIZARD! It would be so much fun! 

Be allergic to sugar or be forced to wear ponchos 24/7?
Be allergic to sugar, can you imagine sleeping in a poncho in the summer time? or wear one on a hot summer day? 24/7 NO WAY! 

Have dustpans as hands or sweat jam?
Sweat jam, I don't really sweat a lot so it would be ok! haha

Fight the entire Smurf Village or fight the full collection of Care Bears?
Wow this is a hard one! Why would I fight them? If I had to choose, The Care Bears... simply because I never watched that show!

Eat only dog treats or only cat food?
Ewww, disgusting. But dog treats I guess.

And here's the last one! Every Would You Rather
has to have atleast one really disgusting question right?

Lick the armpit of a sweaty cab driver
or eat the ear wax of an old man who has never cleaned his ears?
After a veeeeeeeeery long disgusted thought I have decided on the sweat... I think it would be easier to get the taste out of your mouth. This is disgusting either way!

Source: Google
Please take part in the game by leaving your answers in the comment section!! 
I would love to see some answers or even more questions!

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