Friday, January 3, 2014


Happy new year everyone!
I don't think I have ever been so excited for the new year and I don't really know why I am so excited, maybe because I have decided that this is going to be my year! 
I don't really like making resolutions so I call them my goals instead haha! My goals this year are rather simple but thats what I wanted because I want to be able to reach them all. 

My goals for the year 2014 are:

1. Practice on my flute EVERYDAY for atleast an hour. 
I do practice alot but some days I only practice for half an hour and the next day maybe for 2 hours so this is my goal.

2. Do the "fun-jog" in my city. 
I am not a runner but I really want to be so I have decided to run in the "fun-jog", it is only 3 km but the next step is 10 km. I am going to run in the 10 km one if I can but the goal is the 3 km "fun jog".

3. Get into better shape.
Pretty simple, eat healthy and exercise.

4. Be happier.
Taking care of my mental self :) I am not a sad person but I think everybody can make their mental selfs better and happier! And at the same time make life funner and more exciting.

These are my goals for the year, what are your goals? I would love to know what you have decided to do for the new year!

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